Jesus and Moses are golfing. Moses gets up to the tee, the hole is a dog leg right with a lake covering the dog leg; Moses hits his tee shot and it heads towards the water hazard.

Moses raises his club, parts the water, and he walks into the parted water and chips in for par.

Jesus takes his tee shot and it also goes straight for the water. But instead of sinking into the hazard, the ball rolls on to the water, so Jesus walks out on the water, and chips in for par.

Then this old guy walks up, and hacks at the ball haphazardly at the ball. The shot heads into the water, sinks towards the bottom; as it settles a fish grabs the ball, and swims high enough to be grabbed by an eagle and as it flies over the hole, it drops the ball so that it falls into the hole, for a perfect hole in one.

As they walk to the next hole, Moses says “I like playing with you Jesus, but did you have to bring your dad?”